Gifted Processes and Support Team (GPS)

Erin Robertson
Iredell-Statesville Schools Differentiation Specialist Grades K-6

Becky Vodek 
TCE AIG School Coordinator
Media Specialist

Rhonda Freeman, 2nd Grade

Brian Degli-Angeli, 3rd Grade

Jessica Murphy, 4th Grade

Michael Gerycz, 5th Grade



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Enrichment Opportunities at The Creek

Spelling Bee
Mrs. Reckert

Battle of the Books
Ms. Vodek

Science Fair
Mrs. Parker


Mr. Gerycz


Iredell-Statesville Schools District Enrichment Opportunities

Iredell Statesville Schools provides many opportunities for academic competition and academic enrichment.  These opportunities are available for all I-SS schools to participate.  


Science Fair-I-SS students are invited to create Science Fair projects that clearly demonstrate the use of the Scientific Method to solve a problem.  School level fairs are completed by November and all elementary, middle, and high school students are all eligible to participate in their school level science fair.  The winners of the school level fair compete at the district level fair held annually November. Winners of the district fail continue on to regional fail held in January/February. 


Chess Club -I-SS schools have the opportunity to sponsor a Chess Club at their school. Students do not have to know how to play Chess to be part of the club.  Students should have an interest in learning the game and working on game strategies.   The game of Chess is a great way to teach problem solving and critical thought.  Chess teams compete in a district competition annually in March . 


Robotics- Robotics club and classes are available at schools.  Robotics provides students an opportunity to build stronger tech, science and math skills.  Robotics is STEM focused and provides students an opportunity for collaborative, problem solving all while building and programming a robot.  Robotics teams are invited to District Competition annually in the spring.  FIRST LEGO league official tournaments are offered throughout the year all across the state. 


Spelling Bee-Middle and Elementary Schools host their own individual school level spelling bees every year.  The winner and runner up from each school bee are invited to attend the District Spelling Bee.  The winner of the school bee will participate in the District Bee. The runner up may watch the District Bee but will be invited to participate if the winner of the school bee is unable to.  The District Bee is hosted in February with the regional bee following in March. 


Math Expo- Elementary and Middle Schools are strongly encouraged to host their own school Math Expo.  The Math Expo asks students to think creatively about the field of mathematics and how it is used to solve problems.  Students must complete an investigation of a specific problem and use math to help them solve the problem.  Students display their project and explain their thinking to a small group of judges.  Math Expo school level winners automatically are sent to regional competition often held in the spring.


Odyssey of the Mind- OM is a creative, problem-solving team.  Students must engage in active problem solving through collaboration and use hands on tools.  Students are asked to build the best solutions possible to the problem.  OM district teams participate in regional competitions every year. 


Governor's SchoolNC Governor's School is open to high school seniors and in some instances juniors.  NC Governor's school recognizes students for excellence in both academics and the Arts.  Students must follow a rigorous application and interview process to be accepted to NC Governor's School. Once accepted students are invited to participate in a 5 week summer session on a college campus to develop their skills or talents.  The NC Governor's school application process begins in the Fall of each school year.  Each high school has a Governor's School contact to help communicate the process with students. 


 North Carolina Association for Scholastic Activities- Iredell-Statesville Schools is a registered member of NCASA.   This association provides opportunities for our middle schools to participate in various academic and talent competitions.  Some of these competitions include Quill, Forensics, Show Choir, and Dance.  Each individual school determines and registers for the competitions they wish to compete in.  


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